Case study: How to transform employee experience with micro apps

A Forrester Research report on Sapho customer CBS Interactive

CBSi's app strategy was hurting employee experience

Like many enterprise companies, CBS Interactive (CBSi) has a variety of internal applications to help employees operationalize business processes. But many of them were being abandoned because they were over-engineered, hard to use, and contained no useful content. 

As a result, CBSi was spending millions of dollars on applications that many employees didn’t even use. Steve Comstock, CIO at CBS Interactive, said that those that did use them 'would spend 80% of their time trying to figure out an application and only used about 20% of the functionality.' CBSi needed to fix its application strategy.

Michael Facemire and Andrew Hewitt, Analysts at Forrester Research

CBSi looked to Sapho to improve the employee experience

While CBSi can provide consumers with content wherever, whenever, and on whatever device, they did not have the same success with the technology provided to its employees. So, they partnered with Sapho, a digital experience portal vendor that specializes in internally facing employee technology.

Read this Forrester Research case study to discover: 

  • Why CBSi employees hated using their internal business applications. 
  • The benefits of improving employee experience and delivering personalized, relevant information to employees. 
  • A five step approach to implementing a new solution like Sapho successfully. 
  • How CBSi used Sapho to increase app adoption and team collaboration, modernize outdated enterprise applications, and bring value back to employees.