The Future of Enterprise Mobility

Three technologies that create a productive mobile experience

Mobile apps are not the future of enterprise mobility 

According to Forrester Research, simply developing and delivering mobile apps is not enough to mobilize employees — especially when company-developed apps are poorly designed and have a low adoption among employees. Instead, organizations must look to new technologies that bring together messaging platforms, progressive web apps, and actionable notifications to better serve employee needs, support engagement, and improve productivity.

Learn more about:

  1. The reasons why delivering enterprise mobile apps to employees has failed to mobilize modern workers, and why it's still important for leaders to try and deliver effective enterprise mobility.

  2. Three new technologies that are making it easier for employees to collaborate, gain insights, and work more efficiently.

  3. How to take an employee-centric approach to testing these technologies.

In this report, Forrester discusses why solutions like Sapho improve the speed and quality of employees' work and provide them a better experience.

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